Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A good translation: key to the sale of e-commerce

E Commerce businesses have grown exponentially. According to the annual survey on the 2018 eCommerce developed by the AB more nor less than 71% of the users of the network in Spain make purchases online.
Currently the web is the showcase for a company that sells its products online. However it is a reality that many websites have no beautiful "showcase" and have important translation errors, which can result in a percentage of losses for the business.
Such errors are increasingly frequent, especially when business is facing bells of Christmas, Black Friday or Fiber Monday.
The eCommerce can have traffic from anywhere in the world. You have to take into account the benefits that you can generate the sale to a foreign client. For the most part these customers are willing to pay a higher price because it is an international purchase, shipping and customer service.
The cornerstone for the success of an online store is the confidence that generate face customers get.To achieve this, we have to take a number of steps before made and preparations. That the website has a proper usability, which is adapted to all devices, having an SEO optimized to then be able to generate a good relationship with the customer. In this context we find that language is a fundamental part for we can adequately communicate with him.
That there are grammatical mistakes, that products are not well explained, are issues that can make losing possible customers unnecessarily.
In order to achieve a successful sale with a client abroad is essential to have a website well translated, but it is not the only issue necessary to capture these potential customers. We should also create a strategy focused on their necessitates. Como we have been saying, an eCommerce has to know how to adapt to all types of customers.

It is important to use a professional translation for the following reasons:

1.    The drafting of content: the literal translations are not sufficient or appropriate when we want to get international traffic. It is essential to make a good writing messages, key words, the descriptiveness... The end is the same thing when we do any other SEO strategy, get a good experience for users who visit us and finally we buy. A professional translator can help to know how these users search for, what are the words or expressions used. The objective is to adapt our content to your needs.
2.    Currency: it is important to know if we are going to sell in other countries. Take into account currency fluctuations, given that between surely there unlike prices, isn't the same buy in pounds than in dollars. It is a very important factor for an eCommerce and must be adapted to the needs of each market.
3.    The SEO: have mentioned before that an adequate translation helps to improve the web user experience. This Google knows it, and takes it into account, by this reason penalizes those websites which have errors in their translations. We must not forget that the content of the web is not the only thing that needs to be translated, also tags, keywords, URL of pages. Besides all these modifications will help you face to improve the positioning of the website in the search engine of the country where you want to sell.